About Us

JAO Originals line of handcrafted copper cookware is the product of a lifetime spent working metal. All of the pots and pans that I offer are formed using the age old art of metal spinning the old fashioned way, by hand. All of the pans come into the shop as raw copper sheet that is cut into squares, sheared into circles, and then spun onto forms that define the shape one pan at a time. No mass production and no shortcuts.

The form for a curved saute pan.
The handles on my line of pots and pans are also made right here in the shop. Just like the pans, the handles arrive in the form of raw steel sheet that is cut to shape and then thoroughly deburred and cleaned. After cleaning, the various handles have all the desired bends and forms pressed into them that create a perfect match for the pan they will be riveted to. The copper rivets being the only part of the pans that I do not make.
All of the pots and pans also have a hand wiped tin lining that is done right here in the shop. It is not sent out to be done. Hand wiped tin like metal spinning is also a dying art that takes a lot of practice to get right. Being a hand wiped lining, it is far from perfect but that is what makes every piece unique
JAO Originals may be a small one man shop but I can offer something that the big companies can not. A product that is handmade by a craftsman one piece at a time.