8.5" Carbon Steel Frying Pan

8.5" Carbon Steel Frying Pan
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This listing is for a handcrafted carbon steel frying pan that is Made in The USA. This is the 8.5" size. All of my carbon steel pans are hand spun from 1008 cold rolled carbon steel that is 0.078" thick (2 mm).

Dimensions (approximate as each piece is handcrafted and there can be variations.)

Top Lip Diameter - 8 1/2"
Bottom Diameter - 6"
Height - 1 1/4"

Dimensions of Pan With Handle

Length - 14 3/4"
Height - 3 1/8"

I am a small metal working shop that takes great pride in what I do and everything comes into my shop as raw flat material. Nothing is outsourced. The steel arrives in sheets that are cut into the various sized circles needed for spinning the pans. The handles also come in as flat sheet that is cut to shape, finished, and formed to fit the pans as needed. All of the cutting and spinning work is done right here in shop. Since everything is made one piece at a time, it is personal.

Each pan is hand spun using cold rolled steel sheet that has a thickness of 0.078". We settled on this thickness as it seemed to the perfect middle ground between a pan being crazy heavy and way too light. This thickness of material gives the pan a great weight and is very durable.

The handles on the carbon steel pans are made from 1/8" thick stainless steel and secured with 1/4" steel rivets. The handles do not require any care.

These pans have been pre-seasoned with only one coat of coconut oil. Why only one coat? Well, it's pretty tough to make everyone happy. Some people prefer to use high heat with their pans and don't want them seasoned. They add an oil or grease of their choosing and away they go. The majority of people do want their pans seasoned but their is a wide range of opinions about what should be used. Some say flax seed oil. Some say coconut oil. Some say vegetable shortening or lard. The list goes on. So, we decided to coat the pans one time to prevent any rusting during shipping and the customer can decide what is best for their pan when it arrives. For those who do season their pans, the process is the same as when using cast iron. Apply the coating of your choice before heating the pan until it starts smoking and then allow to cool. Repeat as many times as you feel it is needed.

Being carbon steel, the pans will change color with use and depending on how they are seasoned. This is normal and does not affect the performance of the pan.

Whenever a pan is washed and cleaned, please be sure to immediately dry it to prevent any rust from forming. It is also a good idea to very lightly wipe the pan with a very light coat of your favorite cooking oil.

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