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Caring For Carbon Steel Pans

Tips and Suggestion

* - Always wash a brand new pan with hot water and a very mild detergent to remove anything that might be left from the process of making the pan but be sure to dry and protect the pan immediately.

* - NEVER use a carbon steel pan in a microwave!

* - The handles on our pans will get HOT!!! Always use mitts, hots pads, or something suitable to protect yourself from a hot handle.

* - Wooden or high temp plastic cooking tools should be used when possible. Metal cooking tools should be used with caution as sharp edges can scratch the surface of your pan.

* - Wash, dry, and protect. Carbon steel pans are not meant to be machine washed and should be washed by hand with warm water. Do not use soap or detergents if you have seasoned your pan. As soon as you're done washing your pan, dry it with a towel and immediately place it back on the stove. Turn the stove on to a low heat to dry any additional moisture that's left and warm the pan. The next step is to protect the surface with a very light coat of cooking oil. Why? The carbon steel pans made by JAO Originals are made from cold rolled carbon steel which has no natural protection from rust. An unprotected steel surface left exposed will rust but a very light coat of a cooking oil will give your pan the protection it needs. When applying oil to the surface of the pan, always do it when the metal is warm as this helps the oil to more uniformly cover for better protection.

* - It only takes a small amount of oil (olive, flax seed, vegetable) to protect a pan. Using a paper towel, rub the oil over the surface so that you are left with a glossy looking surface. Too much oil will form an unwanted sticky surface. A little goes a long way and all you are looking for is a very slight wet looking gloss. The handles on our carbon steel pans are stainless steel so they are worry free.

* - Burner size should match the bottom diameter of the pan. Do not use a burner that is so large that it is heating the sides of the pan and not the bottom.

* - All carbon steel pans change color and appearance with use. This is normal.

* - Avoid cooking with acidic ingredients like tomato sauce or wine in a carbon steel pan. The reaction of the acid with the steel can give foods a metallic taste. Acidic ingredients can also eat away at your layers of seasoning if you choose to season your pan. If you do use your pan for cooking with acidic ingredients, be sure to take extra care when cleaning the pan and be sure to protect the surface with a coat of oil.

* - If rust should appear on your pan, don't worry. Carbon steel cookware is very forgiving. Simply use steel wool or a green scrubber to remove the rust and then wash clean. Warm the pan and coat with a thin layer of cooking oil. It's ready to be used again.

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