7.5" Curved Copper Windsor Pan

7.5" Curved Copper Windsor Pan
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JAO Originals is proud to present a handcrafted copper pan in the style often referred to as a Curved Windsor. This is the 7.5" size and has a fluid capacity of 1 quart. All of my copper cookware is hand spun from commercially pure copper that is 0.093" thick (2.3 mm) and has a hand wiped tin lining using grade "A" tin.

Dimensions (approximate as each piece is handcrafted and there can be variations.)

Top Lip Diameter - 7.4"
Bottom Diameter - 4.25"
Height - 2.2"

Dimensions of Pan With Handle

Length - 13.9"
Height - 3.5"

There are very few choice for handcrafted copper cookware that is Made in the USA. With that said, there are only one or two shops who actually make the pieces they sell from start to finish in house. JAO Originals is one of them. I am a small one man shop that takes great pride in what I do and everything comes into my shop as raw flat material. Nothing is outsourced. The copper arrives in sheets that are cut into squares that I then circle shear into the blanks needed for spinning. The handles also come in as flat sheet that is cut to shape, finished, and formed to fit the pans as needed. All of the spinning, tinning and polishing work is also done right here in the shop. Since everything is made one piece at a time, it is personal.

Being one of the best conductors of heat, copper makes outstanding cookware that is highly responsive to needed changes while cooking. The tin lining makes the pans safe for use for everything from hamburgers to simmering a tomato sauce. Properly cared for, tin linings will last for many years before the pan needs to be retinned. Tin linings do darken with use but that is completely normal and does not affect how well the pan works.

Why did I choose the 0.093" (2.3mm) thickness? There is a lot of debate about the thickness of copper cookware. Most agree the thinner materials are not the best for a pan that will last many many years. The problem with the thicker materials is weight. Pans made from thicker materials can really start to get heavy. That may not seem to be a big deal but if you spend any amount of time moving the pan around the stove, it can really take a toll on your arms. In my opinion the 0.093" thickness is perfect. It keeps the weight of the pan manageable and is also very responsive to changes in heat.

The handles on the pans are made from 3/16" thick carbon steel and secured with 1/4" copper rivets. The handles do require a small amount of care from time to time. Basically when the pan is still warm from use take a paper towel with a small amount of vegetable shortening or lard and gently rub a very thin coat on the handle. The metal takes on a wet look and you simply take a clean paper towel and wipe the handle clean. You are good to go until you think it needs to be done again. Some people would recommend flax seed oil or something similar but personally I prefer old school lard or vegetable shortening.

Please note the following tips.
--Pure copper cookware will not work on an induction stove top.
--Never heat empty copper cookware as it can damage the tin lining. Always have something in the pan.
--Always use low to medium heat when cooking with copper.
--Tin melts at 450 degrees. Tin lined cookware should not be used in a oven or broiler.
--Never use metal utensils as they can damage the tin. Use only wooden or plastic utensils.

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